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Three Wood-Friendly Interior Decorating Styles that Raise the Value of Your Home

Three Wood-Friendly Interior Decorating Styles that Raise the Value of Your Home

It is a generally accepted fact that renovating or redesigning your home effectively increases its value in the market. Because of this, it is going to be a good move if you allocate budget for interior redesign should you decide to sell your current real estate property.

This article presents three interior decorating styles that make good use of wooden pieces or at least wood tones. In discussing each style, we present some of the ways many wooden items are uniquely used to achieve each style’s unique aesthetic.


At its very core, the rustic style emphasizes the use of natural materials. You can very well expect a rustic designer to use a lot of wooden items in their projects. We have to warn you that the wooden items that we refer to are not the ones that you are probably thinking of right now–those well-polished and sharply angled pieces. There shouldn’t be a touch of modernity as much as possible, so pieces expectedly have that certain roughness to them. Some of them may even retain their natural texture and angles. Think of coasters made of cross-section slices of a small branch. You can also imagine twigs creatively tied together to form a picture frame or a lamp stand made of a branch that is allowed to retain its natural form.

For many, the rustic style emphasis on the natural order is a good stress relief. This style is perfect for homes that are aimed to be used as retreat places or a retirement abode.


The Bohemian style is popular primarily because of the freedom that it affords. It does not put so much restrictions on the elements that it allows into its foray. A Bohemian stylist will be seen decorating using exotic finds from garage sales, flea markets, and even their travels here and abroad. This style is especially common among the free-spirited and creatives who can’t find satisfaction in the confines of any of the styles discussed here. Of course, wooden home decors wouldn’t be left out of a Bohemian stylist’s radar. Everything from an antique dresser to a creatively put together wood-framed mirror can become elements that spark their interest.

Country/Modern Country

Country is a lot like rustic in that it emphasizes the use of natural materials. Their major difference lies in the colors that they use. A rustic designer is expectedly fond of light-colored materials and items. A stylist who stands by the country way is going to be very fond of much darker oak colors. With this, it is safe to say that the country style has more visual weight than the rustic approach.

The modern country way mixes the edginess of the recent approaches and the classic nature leanings of the country style. The result is a heavily wooden interior with polished and well-defined geometric shapes.

However you want to style your interior, it will always be great if you ask the help of design professionals. They will be able to provide valuable insight and guidance as you go along.

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